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“Heal Your Gut”

I help people with digestive troubles feel better.

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Chandra Zas, Food and Mood Coach, helping people feel better, now, and forever.

Are you frustrated with the way you feel?

Are you often bloated and or foggy-brained?

Have you tried to make diet changes and it didn’t work?

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired?

Do you feel tired after meals?

Do you lack an appetitie?

Do you overeat?

Do you want to feel better?

Are you ready to make a change?



You are in the right place.

I can help you.


I know the human algorithm of change, which means I know exactly how to help you make the diet and stress level changes that you want to make.

My human algorithem of change + combined with your desire to chagne = makes your gut health inevitable.

It is simpler than you think.

Hi, my name is Chandra Zas. I was born with an autoimmune disease, celiac, and I grew up with poor health. I suffered eczema and asthma as well as depression, anxiety, hormone imbalance, and weight gain. I dedicated my life to figuring out my health because the doctors only gave me bandaids and I believed there must be another way.

Twenty years later, I am far healthier than I was in my teens and healthier than most people my age, success.

But trust me, I have been there. I have been in the doctor’s office and been told that I have a chronic digestive disorder, that there was no cure, that I would have to put up with my symptoms for life and will need to use medication when my symptoms got really bad.

I refused to accept this.

And so can you.

This is where I am an expert.

I can help you understand your digestive troubles, where they come from, and how to prevent them.

I know doctors present stress as a mystery and something to avoid, but they never tell us how to change our stress levels.

I know how; I teach clients how every day. Their lives are changing for the better, faster than they believed was possible.

Ready to heal your gut?

Ready to live the life you are meant to live?

Food and Mood Coach
Chandra Zas

I work with Doctors, NDs, and acupuncturists to help clients actualize the changes that clients want. I can work with an existing doctor that a client is already working with or I have an awesome crew of doctors that clients can choose to work with alongside of me.

Gut Health Basics 101 Program Outline

At the end of Gut Health Basics 101, you will experience a noticeable difference in your digestion and your emotional state.


  • gaining awareness of which foods cause which after meal belly states
  • know why you have been eating the way you have
  • know how to make the mental changes necessary to make lasting food changes
  • know what causes your stress levels to rise
  • know how to catch the root cause of stress and turn it around instantly
  • understand the basic concepts of mental management which is the foundation for changing diet and stress
  • know your self more intimately and lovingly – dropping blame and shame forever

Month One will focus on mood (stress) changes.

Month Two will focus on food (diet) changes.

The program includes recorded educational videos:

  • why knowing what you want is the most important step; goal setting
  • power of planning and how to create a protocol
  • basics of the microbiome and the importance of feeding the good guys
  • why no sugar, flour, trans fats, and table salt matters
  • the basics of a gut repair diet and what to expect
  • the human algorithm of change basics. What my teacher calls ‘The Model’: Circumstance-Thought- Feeling-Behavior- Result
Optional supplemental worksheets will be offered:
  • Catered to what client needs.

Heal Your Gut

My Food and Mood Program that will Heal Your Gut. Guaranteed.

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